air touch Solutions for:

Elevators, Self-Service Stations, Point of Sale Terminals and Info Kiosks

Reduce the Spread of Pathogens

Cost effectively convert existing touch input modules, like elevator buttons and touch screens, to contactless solutions


Reduce the Cost of constant Sanitisation

Save on the replacement costs of equipment high tech equipment, damaged by constant sanitisation as well as the exorbitant costs of sanitizer and labour related to it.

Contactless Touch for Elevator Control

Don't let your elevator become the next super-spreader

Contactless Touch for Public Touchscreens

Avoid the spread of viruses via public touchscreen surfaces

Plug and Play Air Touch Kiosk Solutions

Transform your customer engagement today with our Plug and Play Air Touch Kiosks

Why Touchless Tech?

Public touch surfaces like Elevator Buttons, Touchscreen Self Service Kiosks and POS Terminals are infested with germs.

Our Contactless Touch technology enables you to keep your patrons safe from the risks associated with these public touch surfaces without having to write off existing infrastructure or having to retrain patrons on how to interact with these technologies. 


Our tech simply shifts the touch plane away from the surface, thereby enabling risk-free and intuitive interaction with these public technologies. 

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